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Engage and Educate Visitors with Guide by Cell

Guide by Cell’s rich suite of services complements your existing docent-led tours and offers all the tools you need to engage with visitors and members of your cultural institution. Whether you prefer audio tours or self-guided mobile tours with rich media like videos and photos, Guide by Cell runs circles around the traditional self-guided tour. For starters, your guests won’t have to lug around heavy headsets. They can access your content with their phones.[…]

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Guide by Cell Will Develop Your Content

Creating an engaging, immersive and enlightening experience for visitors is difficult and time-consuming. But when done right, it will greatly enrich your visitors’ experience. Guide by Cell will work with your museum, zoo, park or garden to develop original content.[…]

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A Creative Smorgasbord

Guide by Cell clients have gotten very creative with their use of our Mobile Web Authoring Platform to create rich and engaging visitor experiences. Here are some of our favorites. To view the tours, simply text the keyword "GALLERY" to 56512. What kind of tour would you like your cultural institution to build?[…]

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Not Just Another Audio Tour Company

Museum audio tours have been around for decades, but there are many more tools available at your disposal that don’t require museums to purchase any hardware. Guide by Cell’s industry-leading visitor engagement technology—our Mobile Web Authoring platform and Text Messaging service—require only your visitors’ mobile devices.[…]

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Museums in the New Golden Age

Museums have entered an age where patrons expect to learn in more ways beyond what is printed on a card next to an exhibit. Fortunately, cheap or free mobile technology is now also available to visitors of cultural institutions worldwide. Demand and supply happily coexist.[…]

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Re-Engage Your Visitors with Mobile Content

According to the National Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage Study, even those people who have visited cultural institutions in the past and express interest in visiting again don’t follow through. That’s because interest and intent are not directly linked, according to Know Your Own Bone, an online blog that looks at engagement at visitor-centric institutions.[…]

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Empower Your Security Team with Mobile, Visual Tech by Guide by Cell

While many public institutions such as museums use security teams, interaction between individual officers is still heavily reliant on on old-fashioned walkie-talkies and radios. Those allow only for verbal communications, of course, but we live in a highly visual world. Allowing security teams from communicating visually makes their jobs much easier. This is now a real, successful and cost-effective reality with the Guide by Cell mobile platform.[…]

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Guide Your Visitors with Guide by Cell's GPS Wayfinder

Perfect for walking or driving tours at parks, or walking tours, Guide by Cell's GPS Wayfinder uses Google Maps' API to mark your cultural institution’s exhibits or points of interest. Using GPS Wayfinder visitors can see all stops or exhibits nearby as pins on a map. They can then use Google's navigation to easily find the point of interest. […]

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So Much More Than An Audio Guide

Guide by Cell’s suite of services offers so much more than simple audio guides for your cultural institution. From on-demand content creation to communication via text message with distribution lists or individual visitors, to audio, interactive and GPS-based tours, no other company provides as many different services.[…]

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Why Most Institutions Choose Mobile Websites Over Apps for Visitor Tours

If you’re looking to enhance visitors’ experience to your museum, zoo, park or other cultural institution, you will compare using a mobile website that does not require a download and a downloadable app. From a distance, the two may present a similar service: a way to engage visitors with exhibit information, floor plans, feedback requests and more.[…]

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