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Be Your Own Guide: Explore Museums, Parks and Exhibitions



With 7.26 billion cell phones in the world, roughly 92% of the global population has access to a mobile device. With these kinds of numbers, it is no surprise that museums, parks and exhibitions are utilizing audio tours conveniently on a guest’s own cell phone!

Access to mobile technology is easy with the click of a button to open maps, audio tours or other viewer engagement options. What’s more, digital files are easily updated based on exhibit changes, areas closed for maintenance or whatever the need may be.

Some tools provide an immersive experience where your GPS location is dropped within a Google map, showing your location and interactive pins to lead the way.


With this digital transformation, paper brochures and guide books–and the cost and storage associated with them–are becoming obsolete. This is great news for organizations as they determine where to place precious budget dollars.

For the patron, the convenience of the tours, on their time frame, is perhaps the biggest benefit. Self-guided tours allow patrons to explore at their leisure and dive deeper when interested. Some venues have found success offering additional information with storytelling sound bites from artists or history gurus.  


There’s no doubt that a personal, pocket-sized guide with the right mobile technology allows patrons to be their own guide, making the most of their visit.


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Be Your Own Guide: Explore Museums, Parks and Exhibitions