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Hidden Ways to Attract a Younger Audience by Using Technology

The No. 1 question we're asked here is how to get younger people to visit their cultural organization.

Millennials in particular are not visiting as frequently as older generations, or even as much as they did five years ago.

Our findings show the problem is not with the relevance of what you are offering to their lives. The problem is more with the visit itself. The way material is interpreted, the lack of social media engagement throughout the venue, and in general the lack of technology to make the visit fit the way younger people learn and engage is more of the problem. It’s dated and not interactive.

And thankfully, those problems are fairly easy to fix.

At Guide by Cell, we have helped over 5,000 cultural organizations use mobile services to put a dent in that problem, and our clients tell us every day what a significant difference mobile solutions have made.

Free analysis

We are offering a free analysis of your current technologies, with a written summary of quick and inexpensive fixes you can make. Our CEO & Founder, Dave Asheim, has consulted with over 500 cultural venues in the ten years our mobile technology company has been in existence. Dave and the Marketing team at Guide by Cell will interview your team and suggest improvements that will definitely help you attract a younger audience.

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Hidden Ways to Attract a Younger Audience by Using Technology