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Introducing Security Text Chat

At your institution, does your security team everything they need to stay engaged with each other?

With our newest service, Security Text Chat allows your organization's security team to stay in constant contact with each other throughout the work day.

Some uses for the Security Text Chat:

* Lost Child Finder - Have your team easily share photos of missing children in your institution. Your team can send each other real time updates until the situation is resolved.

* Suspicious Person Alert - Allow your team to instantly know when a suspicious person or item is spotted on your grounds.

* Maintenance Alerts - Have your staff report any emergency maintenance needs to the team at large.

This system is currently being used at Monterey Bay Aquarium to help locate children who are lost in the vast aquarium. If you'd like to learn more about how Security Text Chat can fit into your institution, email me or give me a call at (415) 997-0201.

Stay safe!
Dave Asheim
CEO & Founder

Introducing Security Text Chat