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Re-Engage Your Visitors with Mobile Content

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According to the National Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage Study, even those people who have visited cultural institutions in the past and express interest in visiting again don’t follow through. That’s because interest and intent are not directly linked, according to Know Your Own Bone, an online blog that looks at engagement at visitor-centric institutions.

Despite 85 percent of the study’s respondents reporting interest in visiting a museum, zoo, aquarium, performing arts center or other visitor-centric institution, only 54 percent had visited within the previous two years. That leaves 31 percent expressing interest in going but not actually going.

That’s because other interests are competing for their time. They may love the art museum, but enjoy catching the hit blockbuster in a theater, a sporting event or doing nothing at all. The number of people who prefer to stay home given the choice to go out has increased by more than 17 percent in the last five years. Logistical reasons can be to blame. Sometimes it’s hard to find transportation. Sometimes there's no parking. And sometimes it’s not possible to get out of work, school or other appointments.

Another reason is how much visitors depend on technology, and need it to interact with the world around them. That’s your chance to let them interact with your institution using on-demand content.

But Know Your Own Bone points out that even though people may not show up at your cultural institution on any given day, they are still online and open to engage with you digitally. This is your chance to communicate the benefits of your institution and plant seeds for the future. Technology is your communication medium, and that’s where Guide by Cell can help.

Begin by asking visitors to opt in to receive text messages from your organization when they do visit, or directly from your website. From there, you can communicate with your audience, segmented in any way you want, at a time that is most convenient for them. Send them text messages that redirect them to mobile sites that you built in minutes. Load the sites with information about new exhibits, visiting artists, animal birth announcements and fundraisers. Embed videos, images, audio clips and any rich media. Invite visitors to participate in contests, submit surveys or take quizzes.

Guide by Cell solutions connect potential visitors with the content they desire, even when they’re not physically present at your cultural institution.  

These are just a few of the many ways to engage with potential visitors when they are not at your cultural institution. “Targeted, personalized communications – enabled by technology – are the key,” according to Know Your Own Bone. If you keep people engaged, they will continue to act as ambassadors for your cultural institution, sending the people in their social circles right into your arms.

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Re-Engage Your Visitors with Mobile Content