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“Text-a-Question” Service Launches this Fall

The Brooklyn Museum recently launched an app that allows visitors to ask questions about works of art on display. See how it works here.

It’s a fabulous service and gaining in popularity.

We launched our own version this fall called Text-a-Question. The user does not need to download an app – they simply see a sign suggesting they ask a question through texting. Once they send in their text question, a staff member or even a volunteer (either on site or off site) can answer the question, or get back with a “I’m checking on that for you” response.

Visitors have lots of questions about what they are seeing, and the more they understand and appreciate, the more enjoyable their visit will be. Our new service allows you to offer a level of customer service unheard of in the past.

For a demo, contact us today:

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“Text-a-Question” Service Launches this Fall