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The Mobile Trick to Getting People in Your Doors




With thousands of attractions in California, how are top museums finding new ways to attract visitors?

One way the Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) in Santa Ana, California stands out is by using Guide by Cell’s audio tours.

“Guide by Cell offers our visitors a richer experience in the gallery,” says Senior Curator and Director of Public Engagement Cassandra Coblentz.

Guide by Cell has helped OCMA add an exciting dimension to visitors’ experiences in an easy way.

Coblentz reports, “English is not the first language of many of the artists we work with. Now, this tool allows us to have them make recordings in multiple languages for visitors.”

Guide by Cell has transformed the way visitors learn and has helped OCMA’s art come alive with a simple solution.

For years Guide by Cell has partnered with museums including Avoca Museum and Manitoba Museum to help them draw in visitors.

Mobile technology proves to be the best way to help engage visitors. Visit Guide by Cell to start your free demo today.


The Mobile Trick to Getting People in Your Doors