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Guide by Cell Will Develop Your Content

Creating an engaging, immersive and enlightening experience for visitors is difficult and time-consuming. But when done right, it will greatly enrich your visitors’ experience.


Guide by Cell will work with your museum, zoo, park or garden to develop original content.

We’ll travel to your cultural institution, interview your experts and other stakeholders to learn about your exhibits, and develop the most engaging content across mobile web and audio channels.

You will be involved for the entire process, giving feedback and approval at each step along the way.

We will provide a staff of content writers, recording talent, videographers and photographers. All you have to do is provide access to the suitable information to create the content. Along the way, we will suggest what will work best for the mobile experience and what content is most engaging for your audience. We will also design printed signs inviting your audience to participate, which you can distribute throughout your institution.

Our technology consists of cloud-based SaaS software that allows your audience to access content from anywhere at any time using their mobile device. Visitors can dial a local phone number, text a keyword to our shortcode, scan a QR code or enter a URL to be directed to a smartphone or audio tour. There is nothing to download and your audience can access content in seconds. You can update your content and measure real-time audience usage whenever you want.

Guide by Cell is a leading expert in building engaging compelling interactive content. We have coached more than 4,000 institutons in mobile tours over the last 10 years.

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Guide by Cell Will Develop Your Content