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What Augmented Reality Can Do For Museums


Engagement Beyond Your Wildest Dreams


Walking through a museum, a visitor points her smartphone at a QR code
next to an exhibit of important historical figures. Through her phone,
she watches a virtual docent come alive on her screen, speaking directly
to her about the exhibit.


Using her phone or tablet, this same visitor accesses links to augmented
reality content from the venue’s website and drops 3 dimensional digital artifacts in her living room, learning even more through a virtual visit.

So how does AR work?

AR uses a device such as a phone, tablet or glasses to access interactive
digital content. Objects that live in the real world are enhanced by
computer-generated filters making the digital content look as if it is part
of the physical world.



First popularized through Pokemon Go, AR has been featured in exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Kennedy Space Center, and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. They’ve also become a popular feature of today’s social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitch.

How can augmented reality be used at museums and other cultural venues?

Informational Hotspots

Give more details on a particular area of focus such as paintings, photography, or 3D models.

AR Brush

Encourage your guests to explore their creativity with AR brushes.


Using digital replicas of your exhibits or 3D scans, allow users to examine sculptures or artifacts in your collection.


Extend the reach of your shop with digital reproductions which can be placed in your home or even on your own body.

Animated Mural/Exhibit

Bring still images to vibrant life.


Visitors can step into immersive, photorealistic environments or strange, exotic worlds.


Create shareable moments for your visitors with face filters they know from Snapchat and Instagram, made specifically for your venue or collection. Integrate into your venue’s app or add to your own Instagram account.

Interactive Gallery

If visiting your venue in person isn’t an option, allow patrons to explore a virtual space with digital versions of your collection.


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What Augmented Reality Can Do For Museums